Based on Micky"s Love For Art and Fashion, She created "CHILI" in 2009.

The initial idea of CHILI is to interpret funky & Graffiti art Culture in a unique & extravagant way while incorporating this with the fashion industry, gives Micky an Opportunity to exhibit her own original artworks in a personal way.

Since Our large silk scarf collection launched , it immediately grabbed a lot of attention by various media outlets such as Elle, cosmopolitan , timeout Magazine …and was worn by celebrities IN ASIA . STOCKISTS FROM JAPAN / ENGLAND / HONG KONG/ THAILAND / KOREA/ SHANGHAI / GREECE / US.

Our scarf collection has become one of our signature items,  oversized, playful, and non-repetitive bold graphics that allows us to add more personal touch & functionality to your daily style . It is a true original wearable art.


In 2015, "CHILI" launched the 1st store in Wellington"s  iconic "Cuba street", a fitting location for all things unique. A space full of fun, passion, vibrant colours, funky patterns original artworks and energy.

CHILI also stocks a wide range of small independent fashion & accessory brands run by other like mined individuals from around the globe..

In 2017 micky started her first collection of classic but Quirky designed earrings because we understand a good piece of jewellery can show a lot of character and make you standout from the crowd, It's a statement more than just an accessory, and our wide ranged selection is sure to put a smile on your dial.

Who is chili?

Chili was born 11 years ago and is one of many characters throughout Micky's line, she is the iconic trademark of Chili the brand and has an outgoing / funky persona with a little bit of spice and love for life reflecting Micky's own attitude and personality.

The idea of Chili's character design is intern impossible to tip over. she is our talisman of determination , perseverance and strength.

For this reason chili serves as a symbolic reminder that no matter how many times one gets knocked down, one must always endure and stand back up in order to achieve goals. This is the sprit of CHILI